Market Reform offers a broad suite of management and economic consulting services targeted towards markets undergoing structural change.

We have a proven ability to bridge between the strategic and the tactical – including pragmatic trade-offs between design purity, and implementation practicality. The solutions we provide are tailored to the specific needs of each client and business problem.

We do not claim to be all things to all people, and provide services only in those areas where we believe we can offer deep expertise. In situations where our clients desire a ‘one stop shop’, we draw upon an extensive network of organizations and individuals with skills complementary to our own.

Strategic Planning and Market Analysis

Investigation and advice concerning potential expansion into new markets, products or services. Specific activities include:

  • Corporate and market strategy definition;
  • Business plan formulation;
  • Market and competitive assessment; and
  • Financial modelling.

Programme and Project Management

Planning and management of individual projects and comprehensive programmes of change in complex, rapidly evolving environments, often involving multiple stakeholders and multi-disciplinary teams.

Organisation and Capability Improvement

Advice on improving business capabilities and organisation, including:

  • Definition of organisational capabilities and business architecture;
  • Organisation design; and
  • Staffing analysis

Market Design

Development and review of market designs from inception to finalisation. Specific activities include:

  • High-level and detailed market design;
  • Drafting of market rules and procedures;
  • Review and assessment of existing or proposed market designs;
  • Managing and supporting stakeholder consultation processes; and
  • Testing and modelling potential designs.

Commodity and Infrastructure Pricing

Many delivered products, such as electricity, require differentiation between the pricing of access to infrastructure, such as transmission and distribution networks, and pricing of the commodity, such as electricity. We can provide advice on the options and benefits of different pricing models in a wide variety of contexts.

Business Process and Systems Analysis

  • Definition of business processes and procedures;
  • Analysis of systems requirements; and
  • Development of systems functional designs.

Vendor Selection and Management

  • Guiding and coordinating the selection and contracting of software vendors and other service providers.
  • Management of vendors during the delivery phase to achieve required quality, schedule and commercial outcomes.

Market Software Validation and Certification

Design and implementation of test strategies to verify complex central market systems, including optimisation-based software, against market requirements.’Certification’ often also serves as an important process in generating stakeholder confidence in the effective operation of the market.

Market Readiness & Operational Cutover

Coordinating the transition from the status quo to a new market, new service, or new way of doing things, including:

  • Training planning, preparation and delivery;
  • Planning and coordination of market readiness; and
  • Planning and coordination of operational cutover activities.