globalEnergyAt Market Reform we don’t just work on markets, we believe in them. Introducing competition, and improving efficiency and transparency through the use of markets, is our raison d’être. As a corollary, we believe that effective markets require robust market infrastructure, coherent policy and well prepared market participants. This drives much of our work. Established in 2004, Market Reform brings together a unique array of expertise from across the management and economic consultancy spheres – including project management, strategy, market economics, operations research, process design, systems analysis and change management – all with a distinct focus on markets.

The market restructuring and reform experience of our people spans almost 25 years, from the formation of the original competitive energy markets to the present. We frequently present and speak on these topics, are active contributors to thought leadership within the field, and maintain strong ties with the academic community.

The following brief bios provide an introduction to our senior people.