Kevin Broad

Kevin_BroadKevin Broad has over 15 years of experience in the energy sector in New Zealand and elsewhere, covering electricity and gas, and spanning the wholesale and retail sectors as well as distribution and transmission infrastructure. His areas of expertise include market modelling; energy pricing; fuel management, including hydro reservoir and gas portfolio management; emission management; contract negotiation; forecasting; and risk management. He has practical experience modelling the economics of new investments, as well as managing the implementation of such projects, and is familiar with both commercial and regulatory practice in the gas and electricity sector. Mr. Broad has been a Senior Advisor with Market Reform since 2011, based in Auckland, New Zealand. He previously managed a key account and contract management team at Vector, a New Zealand pipeline, and managed Upstream Fuels and Modelling & Analysis for Genesis Energy, an electricity and gas utility. He has also held various consulting positions, including as a Consultant with Putnam Hayes and Bartlett.