FAQ: EirGrid and System Operator for Northern Ireland (SONI) – SEM Establishment Programme

eirgridSoni EirGrid and SONI are the electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland respectively, and jointly operate the Single Electricity Market (SEM) for the island of Ireland.Market Reform provided a wide range of services to EirGrid’s and SONI’s SEM Establishment Programme, from inception to completion, including assistance with:

  • planning and structuring of the programme
  • programme and project management
  • business planning and organisation design advice
  • business process and procedure definition
  • development, and change management, of specifications for the market systems
  • selection of the systems Prime Contractor and ongoing oversight of their implementation and testing activities
  • advice on market design and market rules
  • certification of the market optimisation software
  • conduct of market simulation activities
  • planning, preparation and delivery of training
  • planning and coordination of market readiness and operational cutover activities, including the Market Trial
  • operational support

The programme addressed a number of unique complexities, including two currencies, two legal jurisdictions, two client sites and project activities spread across five locations in four countries. The SEM was delivered, on-time and on-budget, on 1st November 2007.

Market Reform has continued to advise EirGrid, SONI and their SEM Operator organisation (SEM-O) on a range of initiatives, including the Day 1+ market release, harmonisation of ancillary services, business process definition, market systems development plan, market solver change management, unit commitment recertification and the implementation of intra-day trading.