FAQ: Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) – Short-Term Trading Market (STTM) Establishment

AEMO AEMO is the electricity and gas market operator for much of Australia. Market Reform was engaged to advise and assist AEMO with the establishment of the Short-Term Trading Market (STTM) – a natural gas cash market with trading hubs based around major demand points at Sydney, Adelaide and (subsequently) Brisbane. Key areas in which Market Reform provided assistance included:

  • Initial planning and structuring of the project.
  • Project management of this complex, multi-disciplinary effort, involving personnel from AEMO, Market Reform, IT contractors, legal advisors and vendors
  • Detailed market design
  • Definition of market rules and procedures
  • Market systems analysis and design
  • Certification of the market software
  • Market readiness, including planning, preparation and delivery of training and the market trial.
  • Establishment of capabilities within AEMO to operate the STTM.

More recently, Market Reform has assisted AEMO with the investigation and design of a gas trading hub, and market arrangements, based around a major supply point.

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